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Shards of Mind

Lourien woke up in the middle of a destroyed village and without any memory!! Help her to unravel the mystery that hangs over her. To advance levels, you should explore villages, forests, mazes and towers; kill monsters; face the boss; collect potions and weapons; develop new skills and acquire combos in the blacksmith. Help her to recover her memory.

The Idea

This game was developed as a completion work of the Game Development Course. It was the result of lots of effort and commitment of the group because not even the teachers believed we could finish it on time due to our inexperience, to all the things we would have to learn to complete it and to the short deadline we had. But we believed, committed to it, and in the end we astonished everyone when we finished it and presented it on time. Overcome obstacles, follow through and insist even when no one else believe in us were the major lessons we took out of this experience.

Project Information

- Performance in the project:

  game Designer and Programmer.
- Engine used: Unreal Engine 4.
- Game Style: Action Rpg.
- Intended Platform: PC e Consoles.
- Inspiration: Zelda.
- Status: Paralysed, demo for PC completed.


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