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Inside the house, while shifting through the bedrooms, explore all the other rooms of the house to find and destroy the nightmare’s monsters in order to protect your friends and your own sleep by avoiding nightmare’s monsters waves from approaching – use plush and special interactive toys to do that. Go back to the rooms already played and face a bigger challenge to obtain even more imagination points.

The Idea

I usually catalog the game ideas I have; and the game ‘Lucy's Nightmare’ was one of them. After the conclusion of the ‘Shards of Mind’ project, I gathered a team – Rule Breakers – to develop ‘Lucy’s Nightmare’ in order to gain experience and portfolio. Up to 8 people attended the team working for free in their spare time – it was a great experience! In this project I performed as a producer, game designer and programmer.

We submitted this game at 02 contests: BIG Starter 2017 and SBG 2017.

Project Information

- Performance in the project: producer,

  game designer and programmer.
- Engine used: Unreal Engine 4.
- Game Style: Tower Defense.
- Intended Plataform: PC e Consoles.
- Inspiration: Plants vs Zombis.
- Status: Paralysed, demo for PC completed.


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