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War Solution

Come to Harnold’s theater and take part in the shows using attack machines to face enemies, from the Middle Ages to the Future.

Whole wars were won by the use of Math. From ingenious attack machines in Middle Ages to cryptographics codes in modern wars.


In ‘War Solution’ your calculation skills and agility of reasoning will be put to the test to solve puzzles and destroy the enemies, however agility alone won’t be enough to win the battles, to succeed you’ll also have  to equip yourself or draw some combat strategies.

It's time to challenge yourself!


Can you win this war?

The Game

Come to Harnold’s theater and take part in his play, go through all the shows by showing your agility and math skills off, battle against other reigns (Adventure mode) or against your friends and family (Versus mode).


- Improve your reasoning ability

- Enjoy 04* shows of different themes through different moments

- Venture into 48* kingdoms

- Acquire new defense towers and attack machines as you evolve in the game.

- Turn the game around using of boosters and mockery

- Have fun in different game modes


- Early Access: Soon on Steam!

- Platforms: Steam, Android, Epic Store and iOS

- Gêneros: Casual, Puzzle e Tower Defense.

- Launch forecast: 2019

- Status: In development.

*Note: According to the community response throughout the game development, some modifications or even additions can be made.

We announce that the 2nd Show is in production and we have plans to make the 3rd and 4th Shows depending on the feedback of our audience.


Game Modes

Destroy the enemy's tower before time runs out or weep in your tower’s wreckage.


More information

Challenge your friends and family to battle. Who will win? (Available only PC. version in Show #01)

This game mode is for the strong! All your skill and agility will be put to the test.  Will you stand it up?

Great place to train, here you will face random battles with random difficulties.

Save the Cerebine Kingdom from collapse by facing ever more challenging enemy reigns.

  Enjoy 04 different themed shows

In ‘War Solution’ presents 04 shows (each one from a different  time and with diverse technology)  with 12 opposing reigns.

              - 1st Show– Idade Média;

              - 2nd Show – Idade Moderna;

              - 3rd Show - Idade Contemporânea;

              - 4º Espetáculo – Futuro;